With an elderly father having been diagnosed with dementia and having no experience or knowledge of what to provide or expect, I was recommended the services of Stephen King by our family solicitor.  He was wonderful in that he assessed my father and his needs so that we could provide the right care and support while he was living at home.  He monitored my father and his condition and my father would look forward to and enjoyed his visits. As the dementia progressed, we concluded that the next stage would be a full-time care in a residential care home and Stephen thoroughly researched the options open to us, with urgent availability. We visited the two shortlisted and we both had our preferred out of the two, without telling my father and that’s the very one he chose! Stephen assisted me with the move to the care home during Lockdown which was a great support, so I didn’t feel that I was alone in this big decision and move.  While the care home was outstanding, Stephen continued the assessments when needed as a 3rd party which assured me that my father had the best care.   I will always be grateful to Stephen for his professional support as this improved my father’s living arrangements and his wellbeing and I was truly satisfied that we moved mountain and earth to make my father during his last 2 years feel cared for, comfortable and safe which is imperative both for the elderly person concerned and assured us as a family that he had the very best life could give.  I would highly recommend Stephen to any family wanting to understand what they need to provide or arrange in terms of care and support for their loved one.  He is professional, caring, explains everything and will get you on the right track at any stage of an elderly person’s needs.  

Daughter of long term client